Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are equipped with number of components for their functioning and garage door opener is one of those crucial components. It is a device which provides the required force for opening and closing the door. Many people have misconception about the working of an opener that it supports the door weight while it is opening and closing. Well, it is not the reality. Actually, the door weight is supported by the counterbalancing springs and the opener provides a little force to control the level of opening and closing of door.

As there is huge difference between the size of commercial and residential garage doors, the openers used on these doors are also different. Though the openers can be chosen according to your own choice and budget, but the horse powers is selected according to the size and type of garage door. There are three types of garage door openers– chain drive, belt drive and screw drive. Depending on the location of your garage, the door size and your budget; you can choose any of these three. Chain drive openers are ideal for detached garages and are the least expensive. Whereas the belt drive openers are best for attached garages as they produce very little or no noise at all. But, in that you would need to compromise with price. Third option is the screw drive opener which stands between the chain and belt drive in the terms of noise and price both.

Like all other moving parts, the garage door openers undergo various issues when keep on working for longer. There can be problem with the physical connections like wires or any of their safety features can stop from working. And it would become really risky to access your garage door in this situation. You can test the electronic eye by using something to break its beam, automatic reversal system by placing any obstacle in its way and the door balance by stopping it at several positions while it is opening or closing. If you notice any issue with your garage door opener, then you should hire a professional garage door repair company for fixing it.

If there would be problem with the photoelectric eyes, reversal system or door balance, then it can be fixed through repairs, but if the problem is occurred with the opener, then in most of the cases you are required to replace it. Though the garage door opener replacement process is not that difficult, but you are always recommended to hire the professional services. It is because the professional experts have experience in dealing with such problems and can fix the issue within minutes. They will first detect the cause and then fix it accordingly. With the help of their effective tools they will ensure that the repairs are done properly and in addition, they will also inspect the whole door system for further possible issues.